Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs


Absolutely. Please call us at 602-625-0956 to discuss your project with our design specialists.

No. We have the capability to color match any color for any of our products. Your color choice is unlimited.

Our technologies can be installed very quickly with little disruption, usually much less than other traditional decorative pavement alternatives. Our products use asphalt as a base. Asphalt is a flexible surface that is more likely to accept shifting due to weather extremes and can resist cracking commonly associated with other paving systems. Vehicle braking/accelerating and steering will not shift or break our products, as often happens with brick pavers. If there were a need to do trench repairs or access underground wiring or piping, our surfaces are very easy to patch, for a virtually seamless restoration.

We are licensed / certified applicators and do work throughout Arizona, Southern Utah, New Mexico and Texas.

Prices will vary according to different local conditions such as local labor rates, distance the installer will have to travel to the installation site, project size, etc. You can call us at 602-625-0956 and we will discuss the details for your project and give you a more clear idea about costs.

There are many sites where our products have delivered high performance levels even when exposed to several thousand vehicle passes per day. In all cases, durability depends on many conditions oftentimes unique to each case. The best way to address this is to have a conversation and discuss conditions like traffic volumes, average temperatures, asphalt mixes, humidity levels, etc. This information will help us give you a more accurate response for your particular case. You can call us at 602-625-0956.

In the case of our thermoplastic products it is a matter of minutes. In the case of our coating products it is a matter of hours for proper curing. The specific amount of hours or minutes depends on factors like temperature and humidity levels.

If your existing asphalt surface is in good condition (i.e. free of cracks, sealcoat build-up), our products can be applied without the need for asphalt replacement or resurfacing.

No. Our products do not need a sealer.

Our technologies utilize pigments that are specifically designed to be fade resistant. There could be some perceived "color fading" when the decorative asphalt surfaces get dirty or are covered in dust or grime. When this is the case, a surface cleaning will bring back the colors to life. Keep in mind that StreetBond surfaces can be rejuvenated or changed in color at any time.

Periodic cleaning and removal of foreign contaminants is desirable to reduce wear. With StreetPrint, recoating may eventually be required to maintain a specific look. Our products are unaffected by de-icing salts and the continuous pavement substrate will not support vegetation growth. If at some point, years down the road from the original installation date, there is a desire for a renewed surface, a fresh recoat can be inexpensively applied in most cases.

No, all coatings are not created equal. Ethos Enterprises offers a superior product. Below is a sample of what your project could look like with an inferior product.