High Performance Coating Systems for Asphalt & Concrete Pavement

Ensure quality results and enduring beauty for your projects by selecting Ethos Enterprises pavement coatings.  Our StreetBond line of pavement coatings can transform pavement with color and increase solar reflectivity, while also serving to revitalize, rejuvenate and extend pavement life.

Built Tough for High-Traffic Crosswalks

TrafficPatternsXD™ is an extremely durable preformed thermoplastic material that incorporates a unique aggregate-reinforced formula with unprecedented wear resistance. Supplied at 150 mil thickness, the 2’ x 2’ sheets of material are easily positioned, heated, and then stamped into the asphalt using StreetHeat® asphalt reheating technology. Prestamping the asphalt is not necessary.

DuraTherm® is a specially-designed preformed thermoplastic material that is inlaid into imprinted asphalt using StreetHeat® asphalt reheating technology. The process of inlaying DuraTherm® into asphalt protects it from wear and ensures that it retains its attractive look for years. Communities across the country agree that DuraTherm® enhances both the beauty of their neighborhoods and pedestrian safety among shared roadway users.

StreetPrint®, or patterned asphalt, is a creative alternative to standard asphalt. This low-maintenance option comes in a variety of patterns and colors, giving the look of other paving options, such as bricks, decorative concrete, and pave stones, but at a significant savings. The result is a cost-effective designer look suitable for government, commercial, and residential projects.