LEED Credits for Solar Reflective Technology

StreetPrint products such as StreetPrintSR can contribute LEED credits to your sustainable construction site or green neighborhood development. Any project in which at least 50% of the hardscape design uses surface materials with a Solar Reflective Index (SRI) of 29 or higher is eligible for one credit.

Solar reflective technology reduces absorption of solar energy, which in turn reduces the heat island effect, resulting in cooler pavements, less energy consumption, and lower air-conditioning costs. Using this technology creates safer, cooler living conditions and reduces the urban impact on the environment. For more information, go to www.leeduser.com.

StreetPrint SR LEED Parking Lot Series

The StreetPrintSR LEED parking lot series is not only designed to keep parking lots cooler, but to reduce the maintenance and cleaning costs as well. As a result, parking lots coated with the StreetPrintSR LEED parking lot series have reduced impact on the environment and reduced effects of wear and tear, helping them to stay looking new and clean.

Download the Street Bond SR Solar Reflect Brochure here.