Built Tough for High-Traffic Crosswalks

TrafficPatternsXD™ is an extremely durable preformed thermoplastic material that incorporates a unique aggregate-reinforced formula with unprecedented wear resistance. Supplied at 150 mil thickness, the 2’ x 2’ sheets of material are easily positioned, heated, and then stamped into the asphalt using StreetHeat® asphalt reheating technology. Prestamping the asphalt is not necessary.

TrafficPatternsXD™ helps to:

  • Improve traffic safety especially at intersections and multi-use paths
  • Enhance visibility for motorists, cyclists and pedestrians
  • Promote and/or revitalize community image and pride
  • Channel pedestrians across busy commercial parking areas

Flint Trading trains and monitors a network of Certified Applicators so you can be confident that your design intentions will translate to fully-met expectations on the job site. Flint can help you choose the right applicator for your specific project.

TrafficPatterns® XD, offers fast and efficient installation, skid and slip resistance, and minimal maintenance compared to stamped concrete and pavers, which can result in maintenance headaches, pedestrian hazards, slow installation, and lengthy traffic disruptions.

Features & Benefits:

Fast Application: Applications are performed by Certified Applicators who are trained for this specific technology, using these 3 basic steps:

  1. The sheets of material are positioned on the non-stamped asphalt surface
  2. The material is heated until molten
  3. A 3/8” grid stamps a pattern into the material surface and gently through to the top layer of the asphalt.

The finished product is a brick-like, high-performance crosswalk, built to last and look great; an economic investment in safety.

High Skid/Slip Resistant: The factory-applied aggregate in the intermix and on the surface of the material provides enhanced skid/slip resistance. As the material wears, new anti-skid elements are exposed.

Enhanced Durability:

  • Designed for high-traffic crosswalks and traffic calming surfaces
  • Stands up to extreme use and wear

Accessibility: Although the material is stamped to create the look of bricks, it does not leave a bumpy, rigid feel as with pavers. Rather, the result is a pedestrian and mobility friendly surface.


  • Eliminates the maintenance and safety concerns of loose pavers
  • Repairs can be made with minimal traffic disruption

Manufacturing Control: All TrafficPatterns® XD preformed thermoplastic materials are made at Flint’s manufacturing facility which is ISO 9001:2008 certified for design, development and manufacturing.